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Visit a winery & wine tasting

Visit the winery of the Langhe means understanding their story, discover their talents and taste the fine result. You can feel the tenacity and determination of the families over time are devoted to the cultivation of vineyards and the production of red and white wines of the Langhe that currently have achieved worldwide fame.

Here they are: Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe Rosso, etc.

For those who will carry out at least two nights midweek (in the days from Monday to Friday) the B & B In Langa, according to several wineries in the area, offers the possibility of a guided tour and free tasting some of their wines.

During the visit you will learn about the methods of production, also Bio, the philosophy that has always been applied at every stage of the production and aging of wines.

Finally, the tasting will be accompanied by snacks and / or by some typical products of the Langhe.

To be able to welcome in the best way at the winery, the day and time of the visit will be agreed in advance when booking the room.

Also remember that you can buy wines directly from the producer and the inability to transport them will be shipped directly to your doorstep.

The Winery are:

Giribaldi Mario in Rodello

Cavalier Bartolomeo Borgogno Dario Castiglione Falletto